Earth Angel
For Melanie Smith
Oct 68 - Jun 20 2009 - RIP
On your journey you were a gentle wise warrior
Uncomfortable with your humaness
Uneasy without your wings
Now you are coming home to us
To reunite with lost loved ones
To reflect on your past 40 years
To stay for only a short while
Soon you will choose your next chapter
Time to leave us yet again
Time to hang up your wings once more
A new journey lies ahead
Gentler wiser warrior
Earth Angel Again.
By Liz Mcdonough

Universal Wheel

living in harmony within nature
within the compassion of every being
Interconnected and equal
evolving in our continuous circle of life

By Liz Mcdonough


Switch on your light - so your shadows may not hide

Take hold of your fears - and let go of them

You have strength within to be fearless - let it filter out to others

Have faith - you can help things change

As we are all ONE

By Liz Mcdonough

Mother Natures heart
Our mothers heart beats at the bottom of the ocean
She is left,
Like a broken wreckage
Do we have the time
to piece our earthly treasure
back together again?
By Liz Mcdonough