I am a Self-taught artist born in the UK. Lived in Manchester & Mauritius during my career, now located in Warrington.

Interested in the intangible, that which we feel but cannot translate. My paintings begin with feelings derived from alternative perspectives bordering on a spiritual level. Inspirations for me are found within the colours of nature; such as the iridescence of a paua shell or reflected light underwater. Working the contrasts of depth, texture & luminosity and a slightly obsessive edge, intricacy & layering. I choose to take you on a journey of the cosmos around me and the discovery of art being a spiritual experience. 

I have had many life changing and profound moments; one being a vision quest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. Camping alone in the wilderness, no food, only water for four days & nights

Being creative is something within me as an artist. It means everything to me as it is my own unique alternative perspective, but keeping myself creating takes motivation.

I manage to stay motivated and inspired to create by meditating. Meditation helps me to focus on just me, bringing energy inwards instead of it dissipating outwards. It enables ideas to form, giving me inner confidence and clarity to just ‘do’ my work.

The most productive way I create is by just letting go and NOT trying to create a piece of art. Just immersing myself in the action, the colour, the feeling of being in that moment and experiencing ‘doing’ rather than thinking what it looks like or whether anyone else will find it appealing.

Since returning to the UK my work has changed and progressed. Being connected to the everyday customer and working with them to create something special embedding their quintessence whilst staying true to myself I find very fulfilling. I predominantly exhibit online, the occasional local exhibition and have become part of several art consultancies and interior design platforms serving a more commercial and higher end luxury customer base generally working to commission.

I have spent time in the beautiful Dechen Choling Shambhala Retreat Centre on a Dharma Art Course in the gorgeous surroundings of Limoges in France. Of all the work we did there, getting out of my comfort zone, playing with calligraphy and frustrating installations... the main thing I bring back home with me is being comfortable with myself, happy with myself and accepting being an artist.... aaaahhh this makes me smile. I met the most wonderful warm and friendly people and highly recommend anyone wanting to be brave to go for it, try something new!!!